Documenting birth

I feel it deep in my soul to serve mothers, so camera in hand that is what I do. How is this serving mothers? I give them a piece of their story to which they can relive over and over. I serve as their eyes, while they are busy closing theirs. I show them their surroundings. The people supporting them while they are deep in the throws of labor land. The details they may not even notice at the time, but yet play a key role in their birth story. I serve as their puzzle guide, to piece together parts of their story they may not remember, or would one day forget. I serve as the pause button. I pause that incredible one in a million moment for them to always be able to come back to. The monumental day that changes their very being. The moment they meet after all those months. The tiny details of their fresh baby, the newest love of their life. I serve as the outsider looking in, showing the strength, love, emotions of all kinds.

While they find the strength in labor, I find the strength pouring into them from supporters, affirmations, and the grandmother willing every ounce of her own strength to their own baby. While they gaze at their baby, I see the father falling even more in love with them. While they are in the whirlwind of learning each other, I'm seeing their first moments. 

Birth is amazing.