I feel it deep in my soul to serve mothers, so camera in hand that is what I do. How is this serving mothers? I give them a piece of their story to which they can relive over and over. I serve as their eyes, while they are busy closing theirs. I show them their surroundings. The people supporting them while they are deep in the throws of labor land. The details they may not even notice at the time, but yet play a key role in their birth story. I serve as their puzzle guide, to piece together parts of their story they may not remember, or would one day forget. I serve as the pause button. I pause that incredible one in a million moment for them to always be able to come back to. The monumental day that changes their very being. I serve as the outsider looking in, showing the strength, love, and emotions of all kinds. I am the story teller.

While they find the strength in labor, I find the strength pouring into them from the people around them. They are intwined in the waves of this amazing force of mother nature and they deserve to see themselves as the goddesses they are. While they gaze at their baby they are in the whirlwind of learning each other, and mothers should always have a way to look back and remember that. These fleeting moments are what make us who we are. The triumph of what our bodies can go through and do for another human is magnificent. That first latch is something to celebrate. 

Birth is amazing. WOMEN are amazing! The story of your family is yours to hold onto.


Available Services

Kate Murray serves the areas in and around Niceville, Florida, and will travel to surrounding areas on the Emerald Coast.

Crestview, Fl. Fort Walton Beach, FL. Destin, FL. Navarre, FL. Santa Rosa. etc.


Specializing in out of hospital births.


Birth Story Documentary 

Prices start at $900

Please Contact me for more information on the different packages available and a full price list.

Birth photography and videography is an irreplaceable way to remember one of the most incredible day of your lives. The moments surrounding birth have so many elements in which a laboring mother find hard to remember, yet they are so important! Let yourself be in the moment, allow your support and family to be in that moment with you, and let me be there to serve you. I want to give you those moments you cannot redo and to show you your story in way you will never forget. Their first breath, your first look at them, the love, it is a moment that makes the world stop around you. The fleeting moment can soon become hard to recollect, which is why I feel so passionately about what I do. Those moments are worth it to be captured forever. I aim to be a supportive fly on the wall and provide you with precious memories.

I offer a range of ways to document you birth, so lets chat to figure out which birth package would be right for you and your family.

If you are in need of a payment plan PLEASE don't hesitate to ask! I am more than happy to set up a plan for your needs. Let's work together!


I only accept a limited number of births a month, so please get in contact with me as soon as possible!


Life Documentary sessions

Life Documentary session start at $450

Please Contact me for more information on the different packages available and a full price list.

What's a documentary session? This type of session is a photojournalistic style of your maternity, newborn,

or family dynamics in the comfort of your own home.

These are candid, organic, and beautifully natural way to capture real life exactly how it unfolds.

A perfect way to remember your life in that moment in time, the space in which you grew together,

and the surrounding elements which make up your family.

Maternity and Newborn bath session are a bit more structured and posed,

but still an incredibly beautiful way to remember those details and moments in life.