Veronicas Milk Bath


Have you ever met someone you just really click well with? Veronica is one of those. She just has such a kind heart, and I absolutely love spending time with her. As she nears the end of her second pregnancy, she has started to embrace and love her body. Sometimes it's hard to do, especially in a society where body image is HUGE. She has started to shake that off, and embrace herself as she is and it is just SO BEAUTIFUL. She is beautiful. Her body growing a baby is also beautiful. I can't say beautiful enough. As she approaches her HBAC, please send her positive birth vibes and love.VB_milkbath-12VB_milkbath_BW-14VB_milkbath_BW-6VB_milkbath-26 VB_milkbath-36VB_milkbath-21highlight-1