The Crestview Home Birth of Lux

This is the birth story of a very prayed for and patiently awaited baby. When I met Karman, I listened to her talk of the struggles to get pregnant, and how this may be their one and only. I was excited for them to have the gender revealed at birth.

I had received a text that she was in labor but not too strong. I patently waited and waited. I had the urge to go, despite not hearing back from her after asking how things were going. Instinctively I packed everything ready to go then I got the midwives text to come. My kids sitter was just around the corner and once I left it was a quick 2 minutes down the road. I rushed and got there to her pushing! 
She was so calm and collected (unlike the hours before, I'm told!) and she birthed her baby into daddy hands in their home bathtub. She was beautiful. It's a girl! A wonderful home birth in Crestview Florida, with the ever amazing Gentle Birth Options

A family centered postpartum, where dad cut the cord himself. Both of the couples mothers were there and it was so special to have both grammy and grandma there for Lux's first hours of life.

Safely. Simply. Born at home.