Born with a splash

My first repeat client. Her fourth baby. Born in the same room as her third. From our first birth together, we quickly became very close friends and kept up with each other through the months. Sabrina traveled from Alabama to have her babies at Gentle Birth Options. This fourth baby surprised everyone. She didn't know she was pregnant until close to 16-20 weeks! I was so excited for her, and we spent the last few weeks of her pregnancy together. We cooked, we laughed, we came close to crying because the "window" had passed when the rest of her babies had come in previous pregnancies. I got her text at 6 am. One big contraction and shakes. Her previous birth happened this way. She woke up to contractions and transition shakes, and about 2 hours her daughter was born. Here we were again! We chatted a bit, she didn't feel like they were very strong. We had a good morning laugh over things and then suddenly "Birth center. now."

I flew out the door and beat her there. I went outside to meet her at the car when they arrived and she was so determined to go inside that I couldn't even get a picture of her until a quick pause as she opened the birth center door! Her oldest two kids went to the play room area and her youngest and husband followed her to the birth suite. 23 minutes. Her baby was here!! With such a quick birth, and pushing quickly and fiercely, she even managed to give herself a bloody nose. Her beautiful birth pause as she caught her breath, and her warrior birth pose as she lifted her baby up to her chest. Her name was chosen a few days post birth, and I had to giggle at the list they brought to look over at birth. Postpartum care was filled with smiles, laughter, and ever more surprises as her baby weighed a whole pound heavier than her other 3. Family centered care. A stunning and wonderful birth. Happy birthday Ellory Quinn!