Milk Bath Maternity


Something I'm REALLY excited about for a few reasons...

My husband took these! Isn't he amazing? I coached him though a quick run down of my camera, talked him through angles, and he got some amazing shots. Of me! It was a little weird editing photos of my own body and face, but it was a really deeply intimate moment with myself to see myself in this way. Almost like giving myself constructive criticism over my own body and it felt really good. Trying to see myself and my body growing my fourth baby in a new accepting and positive way. It's hard not to be critical of ourselves, but this session made me feel amazingly beautiful. Ladies, do yourself a favor and get these photos done.

Another reason I'm excited is because I'm now going to start offering milk baths as part of a lifestyle package! Maternity, boudoir, herbal bath with a newborn. I'm really loving how these turned out and the ease of doing it. As the subject myself I can say with confidence, you will love and SEE yourself in a new beautiful way.

I am obsessed and in love with Milk Baths!

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