Hazels Story

I recently got to shoot video at a birth, and let me tell you, it was incredible! So addicting! Video has brought this home birth story to life. 

Her photo birth story can be seen here.

I awoke that morning, February 1st, with a heavy heart for personal reasons. Around 8:30 I got a text from the midwife "come to Chasity's now please."

*freak out moment*  

Things must be progressing very quickly for the midwife to be the one to text me! I scrambled and flew out the door. I got my camera ready while at a red light and once I parked at her house, I didn't even bother bringing anything in but my camera. 

The drive to Crestview for me is about 17 minutes, and let me tell you, that 17 minutes I was sweating bullets hoping I wouldn't miss it. I arrived just in time for the end of labor and the birth of her daughter. This homebirth was so beautiful to witness. She labored so quietly and calmly with her husbands constant touch of reassurance. She birthed her babies head and with guidance from the midwife, she peacefully stepped out of the tub to birth her baby with a little extra hand. 

Shortly after birth, mom was advised to empty her bladder while daddy bonded with baby. Two birth assistance helped her to the restroom. The short journey and some blood loss had caused her to faint. She was swiftly carried back to bed where she quickly regained consciousness. Her husband was amazing through this. She opened her eyes and he so calmly said "Don't freak out, you just passed out, you're okay." You can see the conversation held shortly after the eventful few seconds in this birth video (just wanted to clear up any confusion when you get to said moment!)

What a fantastic birth to be present for. I'm so happy to be able to share their story. 

Hazel Mae, this is your birth story.  


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