My story

Without photos and old home movies on vhs tapes, my world would have crumbled.

I was blessed to have two of the most incredible parents in my life for 26 years. Losing them both instantly shook me to the core, and the photos and video that I have left are what continue my passion in this line of work.

I am a mother to 4. A traumatic cesarian, a medicated vbac, and two home births. I feel it in my soul to serve mothers. The story of our lives deserve to be told and savored. Remembered in detail. I want to be able to piece together a mothers story visually. The empowerment. Her strengths in her most vulnerable time. I want mothers to know and remember every detail of her baby from belly to hearthside.

My first birth was traumatic, I was incoherent and don't remember the moment I met my son. I have no recollection of what I felt or what that moment was like. I suffered from postpartum depression, and I feel strongly that the path my birth went played a major role in that. I couldn't process it. I had no way to. My triumphant VBAC was so healing, yet there I was shortly after, forgetting just how healing that was as I slipped into postpartum depression, again. The homebirth. I finally got a grip and had a photographer. I was going to do it all right this time, and I did! The photos. Oh the photos. In the process of birth I went into labor land. It was an out of body experience. Truly the most amazing thing I have ever done. The photos were there to piece together everything that unfolded around me. I saw my strengths when I was sure I was the weakest person at the moment. My Mom. She was there. I had photos of her encouraging me, pushing me, telling me I could do it. Now, she's gone. My second homebirth my mom wasn't alive to be present at. But I had her face in a photo. I could see her forever encouraging me.

Photos mean more to me than just how many likes on Facebook they get. They are preserved memories. They are a glimpse into time to spark that memory and remember it exactly. I never want to forget my favorite moments, I never want to forget the ones I love.

I picked up a camera after my first sons birth, and never let myself miss a moment of him growing up. I am self taught, but have always had a love for art. When I was first welcomed to someones birth, and wittnessing that incredible moment, I knew exactly what I was meant to do with my camera. My passion to serve women stems from deep within and I fall even more in love with women and birth every time I am welcomed into their sacred space, and I feel a sense of purpose while documenting the growing families who ask me into their family time to hold their memories for them.